About Us

Radical IT Solutions offers quality software solutions for various industries including Transport, FMCG, Retail & Manufacturing that are capable of running on he Cloud and Web. Our clients range from small businesses to large enterprises operating all over India.


We assists organizations with an end-to-end solution, offering design and implementation to post-implementation support. Exceptional creativity mixed with vision and cutting edge-technology is what we offer. We have a experienced staff of experts to help you implement your business solutions efficiently and effectively at a cost-effective rate.


Achieve best-in-class performance using Radical Solutions. Radical’s custom solutions are tailor engineered to simplify, automate and streamline your business processes. We adopt the User-Centered Design (UCD) approach, through which we are able to research people’s needs and goals and translate them into useful, viable and a great product meeting the business objectives.


At Radical our passion is to provide innovative, highly functional, visually appealing and feature-rich web and mobile applications that drive business growth. Every client, regardless of the size or scope of project, can expect nothing but the best product, customer service and professionalism from the experienced, dedicated and tech savvy staff at Radical.


As a provider of innovative IT solution provider we seek talented and self driven young men and women. We believe in an open work culture where the best idea wins, irrespective of who gives the idea. We promote creativity, innovation and diversity. We are growing fast. This enables you to grow along with the company and chart your own career path.

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Contact us today to discuss how we can bring value to your business, help you deliver critical IT solutions, and provide you with a competitive advantage through superior IT services. Call us, email us, or schedule an appointment for in-person meeting. We look forward to hearing from you and teaming with you on your next assignment.