Radical I.T. Solutions

Who We Are

Radical IT Solutions is an emerging leader in enterprise and web-enabled solutions that allow businesses to operate more competently and help rapidly achieve their business objectives.

In 2010 Radical was founded with the core mission to help businesses successfully deliver innovative technology solutions. We started with a focus on custom web application development; however based on latest popularity and high demand, we have broadened our services into mobile development to keep up with the recent mobile device craze.

We continue to learn and improve as time goes by. We aspire to make our clients content with our work and to never compromise over quality. We stay up-to-date with the latest technology trends and strive to offer you the best services.

Built on key values of quality, integrity, and customer service, we are committed to the success of our clients. We consistently strive to meet our customers needs, giving them our full attention and providing an excellent service

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Why Choose Us


We are always improving your business.
Until our clients are completely satisfied with their product, we do not consider our work done.


Transparency and integrity in what we do
We keep our clients involved and updated with every progress regarding their project and ensure promising results.


Client centric approach.
We deal with our clients on a personal level. We adjust our projects according to the client's desires and deliver outclass performance each time.


Expertise in custom application development
We have built a specialized team to effectively design and develop custom applications

Mission and Vision

Businesses struggle to build and maintain competitive advantage. Our Mission is:
  • To align with your goals to provide you with an effective and successful product that increases your business and produces results in short & long term
  • To enable businesses software innovation and allow them to effectively harness today's technology while keeping costs at a practical level
. Our vision is to become a leading solution provider for IT enabled services by perusing latest trends in technology and quality driven approach.
With our expert knowledge and experience, we analyze and understand your requirements and tailor our approach


Take your business to the next level with our professional software development services. We build solutions, which evolve with the changing needs of your business. Our services has enabled our customer to simplify complex business processes and handle day to day operations with ease.
  • Web Development: Fast, visually dynamic, user-friendly web applications
  • Software Development: Customized, User-friendly business software applications
  • Mobile Development: We develop secure, scalable and robust custom mobile applications that connect mobile devices, like smart phones and tablets, to enterprise applications used by consumers and businesses
  • Cloud Development Services: We have successfully conceptualized, developed and implemented several new SaaS products


The success of Radical is due to the hark work of our people. We're not just a set of workers - we rely deeply on the teamwork to achieve our goals. We are a real team of young sound professionals that helps each other to progress and learn best practices of software development, overcome difficulties and share pleasure. Our key values are:
  • Commitment to our clients' success
  • Continual growth in our knowledge and expertise
  • Provide comprehensive and cost-effective services
Radical appreciate every member of its project team and is very grateful to them for their responsible work, for their ideas and contribution to common success.
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